D. L. Moody

Voice of the dying Church

One of the old martyrs said to his persecutors as they were leading him to death: “You take a life from me that I cannot keep, and bestow a life upon me that I cannot lose.” -D. L. Moody

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The Basis of Prevalence in Prayer

He Hath Said

The effectual fervent prayerof a righteousman availeth much. – James 5:16

Prayer is the shadow of the decrees of the Eternal. God has willed such a thing, and He makes His saints to will it, and express their will in prayer. It is written, “Delight thyself also in the Lord; and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” It is not said that He will give the desire of his heart to every Jack and Tom; but you must first delight in the Lord, and when your mind finds all her joy in God then it is clear that God and you, as far as it can be, are standing on the same plane and moving in the same direction, and now you shall have the desire of your heart because the desire of your heart is the desire of God’s heart. Character, as much as…

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There Is Hope

New Hope for Dry Bones

There’s always hope.

Even when what I want has been crushed beneath the heel of disappointment and failure, there is hope.

Even when what I need seems to be out of reach and I feel I am falling into a pit of despair, there is hope.

Even when I am sitting in the wreckage of my own actions, there is hope.

Even when those I love betray me and pierce my heart to the very deepest depths, there is hope.

Even when the thought of a brand new day terrifies and causes anxiety and fear, there is hope.

Even when someone dear to me is taken from this world, there is hope.

Even when hope seems lost in the pain that just won’t go away, there is hope.

Even if all these things combine into a storm that overwhelms and threatens to drown me in the crashing waves, there is…

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God’s Got This

New Hope for Dry Bones

I think that it is easy for me to convince myself that God is struggling to keep things under control. After all, I pray and don’t get everything I pray for. I read his words and no thunderous voices come down out of the heavens and tell me which way I should go. I wander off the road he has made for me and a big hand doesn’t reach down, pick me up and move me back to where I ought to be. That’s the way my brain works sometimes. I see all these people around me and see all the wrong being done and all the misguided effort being wasted. So I figure people are so messed up that God is having a hard time keeping up with all of them.

But God isn’t having any problems at all. People are having problems. Mostly people are having a problem…

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